25 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout for Beginners

25 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout for Beginners 

Yoga workouts are really incredible, and as a beginner, you can burn your body fats and transform your body completely with this 25-Minute fat burning yoga workout for beginners as long as you are dedicated.
The secret in making this workout effective is to pay close attention to your body as you perform and maintain these yoga poses.  
Focus on how you feel, and how you can improve. Focus on the “stiff” feelings, and how you can loosen it more.

1. ​Tree Pose 


The Tree Pose will test and help you improve balance; your core is the important part of this pose. You should concentrate on using your core to maintain balance during this pose.
Tighten the muscles in your abdomen for stability.
For amateurs, perform this pose with both hands together on your heart region. Then lift your hands over your head when you are balanced to make the pose challenging.
To begin, while standing, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Bring your left leg to rest high up on your right thigh, raise it as high as you can, but do this slowly. Make sure your hips are stacked under your shoulders and feet.
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, and repeat using your other foot before progressing to the next routine.

2. Half Forward Bend

(ardha uttanasana)
This is fat burning yoga workout is good for the hack, hips and hamstrings.
There are some things to have in mind to get the best from this pose. Direct focus toward bending your body from your lower back.
You can do this by drawing your belly button towards your spine, and ‘suck in’ while twisting. Also, try elongating your torso a little by bending your back and pushing your butt out. This will help you maintain a straight back as seen in the photo.
Your back may not be straight because of flexibility, worry not, you will improve as you continue. You will feel an intense stretch in your hamstrings is you perform this pose the right way.
Maintain the pose for thirty seconds before progressing to the third workout.

3. Upward Facing Dog

(Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) 
This pose is effective in stretching the back.
While in this pose, we want to focus a bit on the deep stretch in the back since we will maintain this pose for complete thirty seconds.

Now, lift your knees and hips from the floor. The only part of your body that should remain on the floor are your hands and feet tops.
To increase the stretch in the back, lean back into the shoulders, do not force this to avoid straining your body before the thirty seconds runs out. Instead, use your core to maintain this position.
Do this for thirty seconds before progressing to the next routine.

4. Boat Pose

This yoga pose is perfect for the abdomen; you will find out why soon enough.
You can bend your knees if this pose is challenging for you to perform. However, we advise you work on keeping your legs straight as you keep practicing.
To maintain this pose, keep a straight back and draw strength from your core. Maintain straight arms and place your hands at each side of your knees.

To maintain balance, focus your look at your feet or the wall behind you.
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds.

5. Extended Side Angle Pose

(Utthita Parsvakonasana)
This fat burning yoga workout is effective in losing the hips, to hold this pose correctly requires lots of work from the muscles in the abdomen and quadriceps.
Start this pose in a plant position on your toes, make sure your palms are on the ground directly below your shoulders.
Slowly move your right foot to the front as you raise your left hand, then place your foot where your left hand was.
Move your left hand towards your head forming a straight line with your torso and right leg. You can use a yoga block or prop to reach the ground if you find it difficult to reach the floor. To increase stretch, gaze upward.
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds.
This is a two-sided pose; thus, repeat using your other side.

6. Goddess Pose

Utkata Konasana
The Goddess pose is an effective hip opener, it is also great on the glutes and quadriceps.
Make sure your feet are 3.5-4 feet apart. Then sink into that stretch slowly. Try going as low as possible so your knees are bent at angle 90-degree.
To stretch your hips more, focus on pushing the hips forward.
While in this position, gently pulse up and down for thirty seconds.
You will feel the effect on your hips and quadriceps.

7. Triangle Pose 

( Trikonasana)
This pose acts on your hips and hamstrings. It appears easy, but it requires strength as well as flexibility to perform it properly.
Your left foot should be placed 4 feet from your right foot. Point your right foot forward, and your left toes pointed straight out as seen in the picture.
Then, reach for the ground with your left hand slowly, keep it close to your left heel. Use a yoga block if you find it difficult to reach the ground.
Point your right hand towards the ceiling, as well as your gaze to increase the stretch.
Try your best in ensuring you stack your right hip over your left as much as you can (it requires lots of flexibility in your hips and hamstrings).
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds.

8. Warrior III Pose

(Virabhadrasana III)
Beginners may find this pose challenging, but put your mind to it. Holding this pose for thirty seconds may be difficult at first, but with practice, you will improve.
The first thing to do is to place your arms over your head for balance, then lift your leg in the air, do it slowly.
Your leg may only go halfway as a beginner, its normal, you will improve as you practice.
You have to be completely concentrated to maintain balance in this pose. Pick a spot on the floor, focus your gaze on that spot, maintain it as you try to keep your body straight.
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, then repeat using your other side before progressing to the final pose in this yoga workout.

9. Half Moon Pose

This is also a difficult yoga pose, but with time, it becomes easy and rewarding. You can use a yoga block if reaching the floor will be a difficult task.
From Warrior III pose, move your left hand slowly towards the ground as your leg is up.
At first, you may want to move both hands towards the floor to gain balance. Once you have gotten your balance, move your right arms slowly towards the ceiling, then twist your torso as well as your right foot out in the process.
You have to concentrate to maintain this pose; thus, pick a spot on the floor or wall while practicing, then focus on that spot.
Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, then repeat using the other side.

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