5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid Making

5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid Making

A few of us can affirm that we have on various events gotten spontaneous fitness advice in the gym. There are opposite sides to this. A portion of the advice is genuine while the rest is simply broscience. 

The strong and genuine fitness advice is welcome since it spares us, particularly amateurs, from committing flinch commendable fitness errors. 

The first occasion when I agreed to accept a gym contract, I anticipated that something inconceivable should happen to my body. How it would occur however, I didn't have an inkling and had no legitimate arrangement. Thus, I began doing what everybody was doing. I was that young lady you frequently find in the gym who keeps running on the treadmill for a considerable length of time. On the off chance that I saw somebody with an incredible body on Youtube, following a specific program, I would jump on (well, for fourteen days and afterward I would relinquish ship and look for something different that would give me quicker outcomes). 

I would contrast myself with other people who were far along the fitness venture than I was. This examination in every case left me feeling both insufficient and demotivated to continue with my fitness venture. 

It wouldn't be an abnormal thing to state that 80% of individuals in the gym begin nearly a similar way, as I did, particularly in the event that they don't employ a fitness mentor to direct them through at any rate the initial couple of weeks.

Biggest Fitness Mistakes People Make

 1- Fitness Mistake : Failing to warm up

During my earlier gym days, I used to waltz into the gym and immediately get started with whatever workout I had on my ‘to do’ list for that particular day.

 I was quite observant and noticed that the seasoned folks would take time to warm up before training so I followed suit and years later, I can say my choice was wise.

Warming up helps prevent injury in that it increases blood flow to the muscles, at the same time increasing the muscles’ temperature which leads to faster muscle relaxation and contraction.

How you should warm up
Depending on your preference, you can warm up for about 5-10 mins with low-intensity cardio or if you are a lifter and like to get straight into moving iron around, you can start off with very light weights and work your way up to your working weight.

2 - Fitness Mistake : Ego lifting
Ego lifters put emphasis on how much weight they can lift before form and range of motion. 

Picture that person in the gym that is always swinging weights while doing bicep curls or that guy that performs partial squats because the weight is more than they can handle. Ego lifters want to impress people that aren’t even interested in how much weight they can lift.

I used to lift with my ego at one point until I got trapped under the bar whilst doing bench press (you are allowed to chuckle). I learned from that and chose not to ever compromise my safety and form again.

Ego lifting increases the chances of injury and that is the last thing you want because that injury will leave you out of the gym for quite a while. Leave your ego at the door, instead focus on getting your form right as well as isolating the targeted muscles in order to get the most out of your workout.

3 - Fitness Mistake : Program hopping
See, most of us want instant results the moment we start training or switch to a new workout program. 

When that doesn’t happen, we blame the program and look for one that will yield significant results overnight, and so the program hopping continues. Reality is, there’s no program capable of transforming your body in an instant.

To see the effectiveness of any workout plan, you have to learn to practice two things: patience and consistency, in addition to watching your nutrition. If you are in the habit of chasing that ‘best’ program which seems so elusive, you need to know that you are what drives results through consistency and patience. There’s is no perfect program out there. Stay committed, start off with building stability and strength by concentrating on solid compound movements and progress from there.

According to the American Council on Exercise, you can make minor tweaks to a program from four to 12 weeks, but “those with more “hardcore” training goals should stick with programs and exercises for longer amounts of time to get the most from them”.

If you are lost on what program to follow, this article lists some of the best beginner strength training programs that you can follow.

4- Fitness Mistake : Ignoring the importance of proper diet

This is the number one fitness mistake that one can ever make. Whatever your fitness goals, diet is the most important part and you can never out train a bad diet no matter how many hours you spend on a treadmill, trying to burn it off.

Once you jump on the fitness mill, the first thing you must sort out is nutrition. I am not for and never will be for cutting out any food groups from your diet. Carbs are great for your body and so are fats, do not be afraid of them.  Processed foods, on the other hand, is what you need to be mindful of. Strive to eat whole foods.

Eat the right amount of calories by calculating how many you to need to consume based on your fitness goals.  You can consult a dietician for a customised diet plan that fits your health and training needs.

5- Fitness Mistake: comparing yourself to others
It is healthy, even advisable to look up to someone for fitness inspiration or motivation. But when you start comparing yourself to others, then Houston, we have a problem. Comparing your fitness journey to another person’s will leave you feeling inadequate and defeated and if you are not strong enough, you will stray from the course.
The main individual you should set yourself against is yourself. Fitness is an adventure, which means each day, you are by and large superior to anything the individual you used to be and that might be both rationally and physically. En route, you will experience individuals who are fit as a fiddle or more grounded than you and that is consummately fine since they are likewise without anyone else venture. You should never utilize individuals who are a few stages in front of you as a measuring stick to your very own advancement since you don't have the foggiest idea about the components that have helped in characterizing their physical make-ups or generally speaking fitness. 

Everybody is unique. Be your very own opposition. Discover what works for you and your body and stick to it. Set objectives at that point decimate them one by one.

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