9 Best Butt Activation Exercises for a Bigger Butt

9 Best Butt Activation Exercises for a Bigger Butt

The internet is filled with butt workouts to firm up and grow a butt. But, have you ever done some of these intense butt workouts only to wake up the next day with just sore legs? How RUDE that your butt just decided to take a back seat during its workout!

If you don’t know how to ‘activate’ your butt correctly, you won’t make much progress.

This post will cover the basics of engaging your butt muscles pre-workout and the best exercises to help you really wake-up those glutes and put them to work.

Why do you need to activate your glutes?

We spend a lot of time sitting (working, studying, driving, etc.) and this causes our glutes to get lazy. When this happens, other muscles start compensating to do the work that our glutes should be doing. Our lower back and legs, for example, end up doing most of the work to maintain our posture and lift weights. This leads to poor posture, muscle imbalances, and injuries.

When I started implementing more glute targeted exercises in my workouts, I noticed that my lower back pain pretty much vanished. This goes to show how IMPORTANT it is to use and exercise your glutes!

Glutes are responsible for keeping your body upright and to perform day to day activities like climbing stairs, picking up objects from the floor or simply walking. 

When you activate your glutes prior to your workout, it wakes up those muscles and teaches them to work during your workout.

The best glute activation exercises
These are my top picks of the best glute activation exercises. I personally pick any two and complete 3x sets of 10 reps per leg / 20 reps for both legs before starting my leg workout.
You can also add ankle weights or dumbbells to make this a workout by itself (Choose 4 exercises and do 4x sets of 20 reps)
You can do them with or without resistance bands. 

Although resistance bands, also known as ‘booty bands’ are a MUST-HAVE if you want to tone or grow your butt.

They are hands-down the best pieces of equipment that have helped me transform my butt. Click here to view Resistance bands
A few tips that apply to all these:
*Don’t arch your lower back at the top of the move
*Don’t force yourself to look forward or up. Keep your neck aligned with your spine
*Slow and controlled moves. Don’t use momentum.
*Squeeze your butt at the top of the move for at least 1 sec. It’s all about mind-muscle connection!
*Squeeze your abs like someone is about to punch you in the stomach

Here we go… enjoy the burn! (In no order of preference):

#1 Side Duck walks

*Stay low throughout the move
*Make sure your knees point outward and are not going in
*Chest up, core tight, push your butt back and down

#2 Standing reverse leg lift

*Hold on to a chair or something high for support

#3 Hip Thrusts

*Look at your knees throughout the move
*Legs and calves at 90-degree angles at the top
*Imagine pulling your navel up to your chin at the top, draw your abs inwards

#4 Donkey kicks

*Your entire body should stay fixed, only your leg moves
*Look down

#5 Rainbow leg lifts

*Get down on your elbows if straight arms are too difficult

#5 Clams

#6 Frog thrusts

#7 Fire hydrant

*Look down

#8 Abductors

*Lean forward

#9 Reverse Hypers

*If you don’t have a bench, then use a swiss ball or any stable surface.

There you have it!! My 9 favorite Glute activation exercises to get you maximum results in the shortest time!

Follow this up with my 6 best exercises to grow a bigger butt and you are well on your way to a toned, bigger butt in just 4 weeks.

No one likes a saggy butt! The good news is that it takes only a few weeks for results to show with proper training and nutrition.

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