Body Changing Workouts For Beginners 2

Body Changing Workouts For Beginners 2

5. Beginner HIIT – 10 Minute Workout

Ever heard of HIIT?
This type of fat-burning workout is an awesome option to get and stay in shape especially when you’re short on time.
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes you through an intense burst of high-intensity exercises followed by periods of low intensity active rest.
Sounds like one heck of a workout, right?
It is!
And if you’re ready for an awesome beginner’s version, here you go!

6. 10 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout for Fat Loss

Ready for cardio without tons of movement?
Amy gives you just that with this 10-minute workout using low-impact movesto boost your heart rate and burn fat without jumping or bouncing.
It’s ideal for beginners or those recovering from an injury.
Make this video exactly what you need with the different modifications offered throughout the workout.
You’ll love the pace of this routine if you’re stepping into the cardio world for the first time.
High five to you, newbie!

7. Flat Abs Workout – POP Pilates for Beginners

Are your abs one of your trouble areas?
Pilates is perfect for strengthening and toning your core muscles.
Wake up your abdominal muscles with this beginner pilates routine – ideal for those just starting out and building a solid pilates foundation.
No equipment necessary with this routine – just you, your living room floor, and this 20-minute video.

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