GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics

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Supports Global Site Tag / gtag.js
GDPR compliant: does not collect any user data
This plugin enables Google Analytics for your entire WordPress site. Lightweight and fast with plenty of great features.
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Does one thing and does it well
  • Drop-dead simple and easy to use
  • Regularly updated and “future proof”
  • Stays current with the latest tracking code
  • Includes tracking code in header or footer
  • Includes tracking code on all WordPress web pages
  • Includes option to add your own custom markup
  • Sleek plugin Settings page with toggling panels
  • Option to disable tracking of admin-level users
  • Option to enable page tracking in the Admin Area
  • Easy to customize the tracking code
This is a lightweight plugin that inserts the required GA tracking code. To view your site statistics, visit your Google Analytics account.
GA Tracking Options
GA Feature Support
This plugin does not collect any user data. Even so, the tracking code added by this plugin is used by Google to collect all sorts of user data. So this plugin does not do anything to make your site less compliant with GDPR. I have done my best to ensure that this plugin is 100% GDPR compliant, but I’m not a lawyer so can’t guarantee anything. To ensure that your site is compliant with GDPR, please consult an attorney, and also check with Google and/or configure your Google account settings and/or tracking code as required by GDPR.
Works perfectly with or without Gutenberg


I develop and maintain this free plugin with love for the WordPress community. To show support, you can make a donation or purchase one of my books:
And/or purchase one of my premium WordPress plugins:
Links, tweets and likes also appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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