These 12 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast for Lazy People at Home

These 12 Best Exercises
To Lose Weight Fast for Lazy People at Home

These exercises are your best chance to lose weight if you always feel lazy. Though we struggle daily to make out time for exercises, you do know the endless benefits we stand to benefit from daily exercises to lose weight fast.
This article will show you the lazy girl workout you can do whenever you’re feeling lazy. Remember not to stress yourself out by trying to do all at once. The only thing worse than taking baby steps is no step at all
t’s dive straight into the 12 Best exercises to lose weight fast for lazy folks. These workouts to lose weight are easy to perform and will help you lose weight at home.

1. V – Crunch

The V- Crunch is a simple, yet effective exercise that you can do on your lazy days. The workout is one of the best exercises to lose weight fast.
It works both the upper and lower abs. It is a highly effective move that will give you tremendous result over time.
If you are on how to lose belly fat, then the V – Crunch is for you. Follow the guide below to perform the V -Crunch.

    • Lie on your back and lift your legs.
    • Make sure you also lift your arms in a way that both arms and legs are facing the ceiling.
    • Reach your hands toward your feet and lift your upper back from off the floor.
    • Then lower your leg towards the floor while also reaching your arms over your head.
    • Ensure you keep your shoulders from off the mat.
    • Now lower back and press into the floor.
    • You must repeat the crunch motion to make it one rep.

    2. Superman Planks

    This workout is also regarded as one of the most effective exercises to lose weight fast. It is one of the simplest variations of the planks exercise.
    The Superman plank is known to improve the body’s core strength and to aid stability. Luckily, you can do the Superman plank virtually anywhere.
      • Begin by assuming a standard plank position.
      • Make sure your body is in a straight line and is supported by your toes and forearms.
      • Gradually lift and extend your right arm and your left leg. Hold this position for about 5 seconds.
      • Return to the previous starting position.
      • Perform the same movement on the other side.
      • You can do this for about 30 seconds. Thereafter, increase the timing as you get used to the workout.

      3. Windshield Wipers

      If you are looking for an exercise that not only helps you lose weight but also strengthens the core and tones your abdominal muscles, then the Windshield Wipers is for you.
      The move helps to build your stability and tightens the core.
      Follow the guide below to perform one of the workouts to lose weight fast for lazy people.

        • Begin by lying on your back and stretch out your arms to the sides.
        • You should also lift your legs with your knees bent at a 90- degree angle.
        • Then rotate your hips to one side. Make sure your legs do not touch the ground.
        • Now lift the legs and return to the previous starting position.
        • Rotate your hips to the other side and repeat movement to complete one set.
        • You can start with one set of 8 reps and increase the number of sets and reps gradually.

        4. Straight Leg Crunch

        The straight leg crunch is another fantastic variation of the crunch family.
        Like every other crunch movement, the straight leg crunch helps to burn off excess fat around your belly area.
        It also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscle. The guide below explains how you can use one of the best exercises to lose weight fast.
          • Begin by lying on the ground and make sure your body is facing up towards the ceiling. Your legs should also be stretched out.
          • Bring your arms above your head.
          • Lift both your shoulder blades from off the ground to complete a crunch.
          • Now return to the previous starting position and repeat the movement.
          • Continue for about 30 seconds and increase the duration as you become used to the movement.

          5. Donkey Kicks

          You must have heard of the donkey kicks exercise. It is a great workout that will help you lose weight fast. The exercise also tones the butt and leg muscles.
          It is a simple, yet effective exercise that targets the glutes.
          We have explained below the proper way to perform one of the best exercises to lose weight fast.

            • Begin by getting down on all fours and ensure your hands are placed under the shoulders with the knees under your hips.
            • Now kick back with one of your legs and at the same time, squeeze the glutes.
            • Then bend your knee, lower your leg and repeat movement.
            • Once you are done with one side, switch your legs and perform the same movement.
            • Perform 15 reps of this exercise.

            6. Hip Raise

            The hip raise is not only a great exercise but is also one of the exercises to lose weight fast. This exercise targets the rectus abdominis and the obliques.
            It adds strength to the muscle between that ribs and hips, and the muscle that runs along the sides of your torso.

              • Begin by lying on the floor and make sure your head and back are resting comfortably on the floor. Your arms should be placed at your sides.
              • Stretch out your legs straight up towards the ceiling.
              • Bring the navel in towards your spine and inhale.
              • Now, exhale and lift your hips just a few inches from off the ground. Make sure your hips leave the floor and push the legs towards the ceiling.
              • Inhale, and gradually lower the hips to the ground.
              • Perform 10 reps to complete one set.

              7. Lunges

              Lunges have proven themselves to be very effective over the years when it comes to the best exercises to lose weight fast.
              So popular has it become that different variations have been developed to help burn more calories in the body.
              However, the plain forward lunge will do just fine for those lazy days. It is effective at working the hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

                • Begin by standing tall with your feet at hip-width apart.
                • Place your hands on the hips and step forward with the right leg.
                • Keep your spine tall and lower your body till the back leg and front leg assume 90- degree angle.
                • Hold this position for few seconds and return your right leg to the previous starting position.
                • Perform the same movement on the left leg.
                • Repeat the movement for about 10 times on each side to make a set.
                • Perform 3 sets.

                8. Squats

                You didn’t think we would leave out squats, did you? Squats have been around for centuries and have proven to be one of the exercises to lose weight fast.
                The exercise works your core and the entire lower body. This is one of our favorites for those lazy days.

                  • Begin with your feet at hip-width apart and keep your arms at your sides.
                  • Gradually lower your legs and stretch out your arms in front of you.
                  • Make sure you keep your back straight and lower your thighs until they are parallel to the ground.
                  • Return to the previous starting position.
                  • Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

                  9. Jump Rope

                   Most of us have once practiced this exercise. While some have done it just for the fun of it.
                  But do you know that jump rope is a total body workout for weight loss. It is very simple to perform and is one exercise you’ll love doing.
                    • Hold the ends of your rope with your hands and stand with your feet together.
                    • Now swing the rope and jump over with your feet together.
                    • Continue for about 60 seconds.
                    • You can perform 3 sets.

                    10. Burpees

                     If you are in search of an exercise that effectively targets the legs, core, and chest at the same time, then the burpees are your answer.
                    There is no doubt that burpees are one of the best exercises to lose weight fast. The workout will also help you build a lot of lean muscles.

                      • Begin by standing with the feet at shoulder-width apart. Your arms should also be at your sides.
                      • Lower into a squat by pushing your hips back and bending the knees.
                      • Put your hands on the floor, just in front of you and shift your whole-body weight to them.
                      • Softly jump back and land on your feet assuming a plank position.
                      • Now jump the feet to the front and make sure they land just outside of the hands.
                      • Then raise your hands up and explosively jump into the air.
                      • Lower back immediately and assume the squat position.
                      • Repeat movement for about 8-10 times and perform 3 sets.

                      11. Double Jump

                       We discussed the traditional squat earlier and its benefits. The double jump is just a squat taken up a notch.
                      By incorporating a jump and lunge in the squat, you increase the effectiveness of the exercise.
                      You’ll feel the burn in your butt, legs, and abs. Follow the guide below to perform one of the best exercises to lose weight fast.

                        • Lower your body into a deep squat.
                        • Rise as if you want to jump but instead, land in the lunge position with the right leg at the back.
                        • Explosively jump from the lunge position back to the initial squat.
                        • Continue movement by alternating legs for about 45 seconds.
                        • Perform a total of two sets.

                        12. Mountain Climbers

                         Do not be scared, we aren’t climbing any mountain here. The mountain climbers serve as an excellent exercise for losing weight.
                        Some are in the habit of making use of resistance bands when performing it.
                        However, you will get the same result with or without resistance bands.
                        It is one of the best exercises to lose weight fast. Your butt, hamstrings, and obliques will benefit from this workout.

                        • Loop the center of your resistance band around a couch leg or any stable post.
                        • Go down low and assume a plank position with your body facing away from the post.
                        • Your feet should also be placed in the handles of the band.
                        • Bring the left and right knee in towards your chest and continue alternating.
                        • Make sure the toes of your bent leg do not touch the floor.
                        • Continue movement for 60 seconds and take about 20 seconds rest.
                        • Perform 3 sets.

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