Weight Loss, Diet, Health, Fitness, And Eating Disorders : 7 Steps To Taking Control Of It All With The Ultimate Self Help Book

Weight Loss, Diet, Health, Fitness, And Eating Disorders ::: 7 Steps To Taking Control Of It All With The Ultimate Self Help Book

Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 6 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious has become the definitive book for behavior change. It is the ultimate self help book because all of the documents necessary to perform a clinical study are contained within an included Audio/Data CD. When psychologists, physicians, or psychiatrists ask me to prove my book is the definitive document for behavior change, I am happy to accommodate. 

Since its introduction into psychiatric care in 1990 Burris MIND/FITNESS has established itself as the only clinically proven process for behavior change and has been endorsed by all psychologists, physicians, and psychiatrists who have evaluated it. 

6 Steps to Taking Full Control of all Behaviors, not just Weight Loss, Diet, Health, Fitness, & Eating Disorders

Step 1 - The Emotional Checklist
Burris MIND/FITNESS is based on the reality that all behavior is emotionally driven. The Emotional Checklist establishes a baseline by which you can measure your results from day to day, week to week, month to month or year to year.

Step 2 - Subconscious Perspective & Empowering Questions
On the first page of the program process you will literally put your subconscious on paper and discover what brings about a behavior at the deepest level of the subconscious. It is imperative that you know what the subconscious is doing because the subconscious mind runs approximately four times faster than the conscious mind and right now you have virtually no idea what the subconscious is doing. All responses from the Subconscious Perspective are turned into Empowering Questions.

Step 3 - Subconscious Self-Image
If you set a goal that has to do with a change of your physical image without restructuring the image in your subconscious, your chances of success are at best remote. It is like wearing clothes that do not fit, you are never comfortable. This discomfort will lead you back to where you began. There will never be a more important image you have in your subconscious mind or a more important image that you will need to change than the image you have of yourself right now.

Step 4 - The Stop & Replace System
This is the most powerful part of the program. The Stop and Replace System will allow you to make an assault on any subconscious programming you wish to change and make dramatic changes in your emotional state and behavior. All the elements from the first three pages of the program are used on this page to help you Recognize, Access and Change subconscious programming that simply does not work.

Step 5 - The Heart of MIND/FITNESS
The Heart of MIND/FITNESS consists of your Love, Health, Wealth, and Self Image. Once you understand how to take control of your emotional state and behavior, it is necessary that you use these skills on a daily basis. The way you process information can be dramatically changed in a short period of time, simply by consistently implementing The Heart of MIND/FITNESS. 

Step 6 - Food & Fitness Planner
Getting consistent control of your emotional state includes consistent control of what you eat, drink, and the type and amount of exercise you get. It is important to plan your food and fitness schedule because the process of an unconscious assault on the body with food, alcohol, or drugs can start a day or even days before you indulge in a behavior that will throw you completely off course and out of control. Planning your food and fitness schedule is a big part of reprogramming these behaviors, and you need to plan them until it becomes automatic.

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