Best Workout Routines for Men at Home

Best Workout Routines for Men at Home

There are different and many work out routines for men that can be done at home. It is not necessary or obligated that one must join a gym just to be healthy and fit. Just by stretching and doing body building exercises at home would be enough. Work out routines for men at home would prove to be equally effective if they are performed properly.
The workout routines for men are commonly categorized into shoulder, chest, leg, and back workouts. Workout routine for men at home needs to be simple and effective. Different work out routines for men at home helps in developing a strong body by building our muscles. The below mentioned work out routines will help in keeping our body physically fit.
* Push-Ups 
- This is one of the most common workouts to do at home. It helps in strengthening the chest muscles. To do this exercise, one must put the palms on the floor at a distance of shoulder-width from each other. The arms should be extended and the toes need to be together. The chest should be lowered so that it touches the floor then lift it back again to its original position. This exercise stretches and flexes our chest muscles as we lower and raised our body.

* Dead Lift 
- Dead lift is a weigh lifting work out routine for men performed with the help of a barbell placed in front. It is a work out routine that stretch the back and thighs. To perform this exercise, maintain a hip-width distance between the feet while in standing position. One should squat down and hold the barbell with an overhand grip outside the knees. The pressure should be put in the feet, especially in the heels, when lifting the barbell. While the bar is being lifted, the knees and hips should be extended. The lifting of the bar should be continuous until you reach the standing position. The same process should be followed but in reverse order while keeping the weight back to its original position.

* Side-to-Side Lunge 
- This workout is performed in order to strengthen the muscles in our legs. One must first stand with a shoulder-width distance between the feet, keep the torso in erect position and place the hands on the hips. The right leg should be lifted and pout sideways as far away as it can gets from the body. The knees should be bent at 90 degrees angle. The leg left should not move while performing the whole process. By flexing the thigh muscles, the right leg should be brought back to its original position. Then do it with the left leg repeating the same process.

* Body Weight Squats 
- Body weight squats are done to workout the muscles of thighs and legs, especially the quads, glutes, and the hamstring. The body should be position where the legs should be placed at shoulders-width. The squat is performed by bending the knees at a 90 degree angle. 

The body should be positioned resembling that of sitting in a chair and the back should be arched. When lowering the body, care should be taken to see that the knees don't bend past the toes. The body should be raised back to the original position by flexing the squads, glutes and hamstring muscles when the body is lowered to the bottom position.

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