7 Foods That Will Help You Sleep Better, According to Science

7 Foods That Will Help You Sleep Better, According to Science

1. Eggs

Eggs are protein in nature. They contain high levels of tryptophan, omega3, and tyrosine.
Egg yolks are incredibly rich in tryptophan, so don’t leave the yolk out when preparing your eggs. Besides, eggs have biotin which is a powerful antioxidant.

However consuming a large number of eggs can lead to allergies, simply control your intake fall sleep and stay sleep. Eggs are also body and muscle building foods.

2. Bananas

Bananas are widely known to help with constipation.
Besides that, they contain magnesium and potassium which are both muscle and nerve relaxants. They also contain vitamin B6 which helps boost levels of melatonin for a quicker and better sleep.
Having a banana before bed time is a great way to remain a sleep as much as possible

3. Pineapple

Besides its digestive benefits, pineapple contains a lot of other benefits to help you boost your melatonin levels.
Pineapple which is readily available can help you sleep much better and help you watch your weight while at it.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin B6.
They also contains potassium and vitamin c in smaller quantities. Choose an organic tomato if you opt to eat it raw.

Alternatively, you can have a tomato soup or salad. Apart from improving your sleep tomatoes calm your nerves as you sleep ensuring you sleep much better.

5. Meat

When it comes to a better sleep, meat got you. Game meat tops the list in promoting sleep, aim for rabbit, goat, goose, and elk.These types of meat contain a significant amount of amino acid tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin.
For better sleep try your favorite meat with a complex carbohydrate such as brown pasta to help transport tryptophan to your brain.
6. Kiwi Fruit

A study in Taiwan recently found that study participants who ate two kiwi fruits about an hour before bedtime fell asleep more quickly than participants who didn’t, and slept more soundly during the night as well.


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