Most important [ How Eating Carbs Help With Fat Loss ]

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[ How Eating Carbs Help With Fat Loss ]

"I eat five small meals a day with a balance of healthy carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat."

How Autumn Eats Carbs and Still Has a 6-Pack!

"I eat five small meals a day with a balance of healthy carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat." She loves oats for breakfast with a side of veggies and lean chicken or homemade Fixate breakfast sausage that she makes from turkey meat. For lunch, she eats brown rice and has another serving later in the afternoon with her fourth meal of the day.

Eating the right carbs can actually act as a powerful appetite suppressant. Autumn says, "The right kind of carbohydrates are definitely important to a healthy diet and to weight loss." She's referring to resistant starches, which, as the name implies, resist digestion. They are full of fibre and digest slower, and Autumn adds that eating them "triggers a sensation of being full in your head and your stomach so you don't eat as much."

Which Carbs Are Best?

Which foods contain these edible miracles resistant starches? Legumes; whole grains such as oats, rice, and quinoa; both white and sweet potatoes; and green bananas are all excellent sources. Some leftovers also contain resistant starches. When you cook rice, pasta, or potatoes and then allow them to cool in the fridge for 12 hours, they develop these type of resistant starches. Science is cool.

The best way to incorporate these types of carbs into your diet for fat loss is to "eat a balance of healthy carbs along with lean protein and healthy fat." Autumn suggests spreading them out throughout the day so you're not overloading your system all at once — so, yes, it's OK to eat them for dinner! You can learn all about this type of "timed nutrition" in her new fitness and nutrition program 80 Day Obsession.

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